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Pre-Amplifier for Dynamic Microphone
(Not available in EU area and China)

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Increase the Output of Dynamic Microphone with An Inline Adapter using 48V Phantom Power from Your Mixer

・Provides needed gain for dynamic microphone
・Provides gain boost for long cable length
・Selectable Gain: +20dB or +40dB
・Powered by mixer phantom 48 volts
・No batteries required
・Small and portable, attractive packaging

Dynamic microphones typically have a lower output level as compared to condenser microphones. When it is necessary to use a dynamic microphone with a very long cable run it is common to hear an increase in the noise of the signal. You will also experience a significant decrease in the overall output level of the microphone due to the long cable run. Using phantom power from your mixer the new Sanken HAD-48 is designed to increase the level of a dynamic microphone by 20dB or 40dB to achieve better signal to noise ratio even using a long cable. The unit features +20 and +40 switches to select its gain. It is only 115.3mm in length (XLR-M to XLR-F tube) and is driven by normal 48 Volt phantom powering. Current consumption is only 3mA or less.
You can maintain a rich and powerful signal from a dynamic microphone even when using long cables by using the HAD-48 for a clean signal to noise ratio.

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