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  • October 1st, a founder Rihei Takeuchi established Takeuchi Factory in Shinagawa, Tokyo.
  • Moved the factory to Ogikubo, Suginamiku, Tokyo
  • The organization changed to Sanken Microphone Co., Ltd.
  • Working in conjunction with NHK Research Laboratory, Sanken developed the MU-1. It was used as a PA microphone at Tokyo Olympic Games. Sanken is proud that the emperor and the president of Olympic Committee, Mr.Brundage made speeches using the MU-1. And also cap mounted ML-1, close-talk moving coil microphone was used for Olympic broadcasting programs. It had very unique because it did not pick up other announcers voices near by.
  • For Sapporo Winter Olympic Games, Sanken developed the CL-202 condenser microphone. It was free from moisture problems. It would be used in environments ranging from -20 degree C to room temperature. Thus extensive research was conducted to eliminate this problem. Since then, all Sanken microphones have incorporated designs against moisture formation.
  • Rihei Takeuchi was installed as a chairman. Tokio Takeuchi assumed the post of president. Started to export, appointed distributors in both USA and UK.
  • Rihei Takeuchi passed away.
  • Specially designed “in the ice” microphone was used at Nagano Olympic Games in order to pick up ice skating sound directly.
  • Tokio Takeuchi passed away. Michiko Takeuchi was installed as a president.
  • 80th anniversary.
  • CO-100K ultra wide frequency response microphone was awarded as “One of the Best Equipment of the Exhibition” at AES NY.
  • A 100kHz super wide range microphone “CO-100K” was awarded the Technical Development Prize of Acoustical Society of Japan .


  • The development of the super wide range microphone and rear-sensitivity canceled microphone was awarded the Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize, Japan.
  • The CU-44X MkII was certified by METAlliance, Music Engineering & Technology Alliance. The METAlliance is comprised of a group of globally-recognized, award-winning audio engineers and producers who have been deeply involved in establishing techniques and technical standards that are the foundation of modern music recording.