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The Sound of "American Dreams"

On the set of Philadelphia's WFIL-TV, production sound mixer Stephen Halbert demonstrates placement of the Sanken CUB-01 boundary microphone.

NBC's hit show "American Dreams" captures the good times of the early 60s with drama and music. Centered around Dick Clark's American Bandstand blend of popular music and dance, the show features outstanding audio, thanks in part to new Sanken microphone technology.

"The CUB-01 is the ideal mic I've been looking for," explains production sound mixer Stephen Halbert. "It's perfect for applications such as the interior of cars, or for that quick mic that you have to slap up at the last minute. The quality and range of the pickup is fantastic."

For shots in the control booth of the fictional show, Halpert fixes the tiny CUB-01 boundary mic on the vintage broadcast console, or in the studio on the old TV cameras to capture the voices of the "crew."

Halpert also employs Sanken COS-11 lavalier mics throughout the show. "First of all, the quality is brilliant, but they are so easy to conceal," he explains. "I hide them a lot in the knots of ties. Before the Sanken lavalier came along, I had to put the mics down on the body where there is a lot of clothing rustle, and you lose signal when the actor's head moves from side to side. This show is really a lot of fun, and the Sankens make my life a lot easier."

Seen (L-R) are Halbert; Juan Cisneros, Utility Sound; and David Halbert, Boom Operator. Photo by David Goggin