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Sanken Does the Job for Mathew Price Production Sound Mixer for "The Sopranos"

Mathew Price has been with "The Sopranos" since the pilot, and his Sanken microphones have captured sounds for the Award-winning HBO series, starting its 4th season this
September 15. Price employs the popular Sanken COS-11 lavalier mics, which are hidden on the actors, and the new CUB-01 boundary mic for car shots and groups.

"The Sanken lavalier sounds really good and it's easy to hide, due to the cylindrical shape. They're good along the ribbing in the necks of T-shirts and in the knots of neckties. " says Price, "I'm always looking for new mics and the new CUB-01 boundary mic has a full sound, it's small, lightweight, and easy to tape up in the roof of a car or hidden on a table for big wide shots with a group talking."

Price comes from a strong background in independent films, and has handled sound for four films by Tom DiCillo, including "Living in Oblivion." He's won the Cinema Audio Society Award for his work on "The Sopranos," and has been nominated for three Emmys for the show. He's worked on two films with Ed Burns, including "Sidewalks of New York." His most recent feature is "Kate and Leopold," starring Meg Ryan.

"The Sopranos is possibly the best show on TV," Price offers enthusiastically. "It's wonderful to be involved with a show that is a cultural phenomenon and really grabs the public's imagination." He is pictured on location in Tappan, NY.