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Raphael Tschernuth, a composer and music producer based in Berlin/Germany, tested CU-55 and CU-51


Small Samurai for The Studio

The Sanken CU-55 is a great all-round microphone that is suitable for a wide range of applications. 
Whether it is speech or instruments, mobile recordings or on the film set – the CU-55 impresses in the 
test with a neutral but pleasantly homogeneous sound. The processing is of high quality, as you would 
expect from a Japanese microphone. The high output can be tamed thanks to a -10 dB pad on the back. 

As it sounds, I find the handling of high frequency components particularly interesting, which off-axis 
meet on the capsule and are rendered without discoloration. During the test phase, this little samurai 
really grew to my heart. It sounds much larger than one would expect due to its small dimensions. 

The most inexpensive entry into the world of Sanken studio microphones is absolutely worth a 
recommendation !


The Power of The Two Hearts

The Sanken CU-51 surprised me very positively. It is an amazingly neutral-sounding and honest 
microphone which offers itself at many different sources through its balanced basic sound. Voices
transmits very pleasantly without any sharpness in the upper frequency ranges. 

Due to its sonic consistency (even at a 90-degree response angle), it forgives a lot of movement
in front of the microphone. The close-up effect contributes wonderfully and can help speakers 
to create a noble bass foundation.
The workmanship is beyond doubt and Japanese precision work. I would be pleased if there were 
other color options than brown and if the manufacturer could attach a microphone mount or at least
a clamp to the microphone so that you can attach the microphone directly. 

For a pure cardioid microphone with no additional options, the price seems a bit hefty at first glance.
However, the sound quality is to be located in the absolute top league and therefore the Sanken CU-51
is worth its price. I highly recommend testing.