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Mick Sawaguchi uses CU-55 for Live recording


 First time I saw Sanken CU-55, newly designed microphone, proto type was at Sanken stand of InterBEE in November, 2011.The CU-55 which is scheduled to be launched around summer, 2012 was very much impressive to me.

 In last March, I luckily had an opportunity to hear the sound of CU-55 proto model used on piano at my Jazz club UNAMAS in Mitaka, Tokyo Japan. As a result, I can say the CU-55 seems me an enough completed microphone capturing full advantages of each acoustic instrument. Though I was noted that the CU-55 does not have such wider range over 20kHz as Sanken super wide range model CO-100K, I felt its sharp response in middle and high range aptitudes for acoustic guitar, Drums and Percussion.

 Usually I prefer to use the CO-100K, omnidirectional super wide range microphone for recording, but not for drums fill-in in Live recording because the omnidirectional microphone inevitably get same gain from any direction or angle. I had expected same performance as the CO-100K but Cardioid and tested many microphones since last year. But I could not meet microphone what I was looking for until I tested the CU-55. The CU-55 has Sanken’s traditional polar plot response, steeply lower gain from rear, featuring to avoid any undesirable overlapped sounds.