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Nigel Heath at Hackenbacker really enjoyed to use CO-100K

The Sanken CO-100K was a real joy to use! I guess my thoughts are brief and simple because the mic performed flawlessly under a variety of circumstances whilst being tasked with capturing a huge range (in both senses of the word!) of source material.
I regret that due to being tied in knots to a very strict and equally thorough NDA issued by our clients (a rather well known behemoth of an organisation) I can't really go into any detail of these sounds or the end usage at this time. I cannot stress highly enough though the expectation of an amazing result and the attention to detail that went in to the recordings in our Studio One.

The biggest compliment I can pay to the mic is that I felt it was pretty much a 'natural extension' to my own ears, albeit with a better tech spec! - The lack of colouration and the openness of the sound being the thing that grabbed me when I first heard the mic. Partnered with a Focusrite pre running 'flat' and transformerless outputting at 192 into our digital Neve - it sounded not only 'technically' great, it also sounded 'nice' - as I said earlier, just like having another 'ear' in the centre of the studio.

The reason we needed the extended range mics and the 192 rate was to enable the audio to be both slowed down and pitched down quite substantially with minimal aliasing - this really worked well with the now exposed super high end being as full as we had wished and as free from artefacts as needed - in fact the result was pretty much perfect to fulfil what was needed.

The clients are returning soon and the sessions last week are widely regarded to be a huge success.