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Surround Recording Report by Mr. Hijikata, field recording engineer

In my field recordings, I have tested so many microphone brands, and I can tell you that Sanken Microphones are exceptional.  It is not too much to say I owe a lot of my success to this company.  For example, my CMS-7 portable stereo microphone, which I purchased almost 20 years ago, still produces wonderful sound.

Most recently, I have found that I can’t go to work without taking my dual-capsule CUW-180 with me for surround field recording.
This adjustable microphone set in one body is especially good for versatile and accurate stereo imaging with great sensitivity. I strongly recommend this mic for news gathering in broadcast applications.

In the Eastern part of Africa, I had the opportunity to record a big chorus at a ceremony where a few thousand local people got together.  I was in the midst of the big chorus, and when I moved my microphones as the cameraman moved for the video shooting, I felt very comfortable, since the sound moved around as we did, just like it was following us.

Also in the past, I tested this microphone by driving a car around it, and I was amazed because the continuity of 360 degrees in stereo imaging was so impressive and very natural.

In every outdoor environmental recording test, I have found that the sound reproduced from speakers was very realistic stereo.  There is no other microphone like the CUW-180 that can provide a surround sound that is very natural and makes the scene come alive.I have found that the CUW-180 has a powerful presence whenever I record the sounds of say, a stream, a waterfall, fireworks or the sounds of insects at night. It is exciting, because the listener feels as if he is sitting in front of the waterfall when the sound was actually recorded from 15m away.

Mobility is the key for broadcast news gathering. The combination of the CUW-180 stereo mic and the CS-1 short shotgun is incomparable, and compact enough to fit in one mounting cage.
Because I can use it as I would use a single shotgun microphone, it makes shooting and recording quite easy.  The cameraman can move freely, and this mic package gives us greater creative possibilities in TV programming and other audio-video situations.

Recently, I have been testing the CO-100K in the field, and the sound recorded with this very sensitive microphone is impressively recreated though speakers and produces a very pleasing quality, even with the complicated environmental sounds found in nature.

Sanken Microphones consistently provides extremely useful and innovative products. I am looking forward to the next product from this very inventive company.