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Radio France appraises CO-100K high

Sound operator at Radio France & Sound engineer

Thanks to VDB Audio, we had the opportunity to try the Sanken CO-100K and compare it with other excellent microphones. This microphone has a number of interesting points.

Regarding the characteristics, noise is extremely low and sensibility good. Its frequency response is typical of Japanese microphones. It’s similar to the Sony 800G but the high pitch goes much higher (up to 100 kHz!) 

The level of “100kHz” could seem extreme at first, but after listening all worries vanish – this is a real “high flying” product. It was as good as the reference mics we had to compare. It even brought a new colour to the sound.

The high pitch is well-defined and comes out majestically, without an ounce of aggressiveness. We imagine it well-suited for a string section.

There are many terms to describe this microphone’s sound: natural, transparent, open.

This microphone doesn’t cheat; it gives an un-enhanced real sound.
As such, it would be unforgiving in the case of  poor acoustics, bad mic positioning or a cheap quality instrument.

Regarding the variety of possible uses, the CO-100K promises to be very multi-purpose and we would not be surprised to see it being excellent in the following applications:

● recording acoustic music, which demands a very faithful rendering

●capturing diffuse fields such as symphonic orchestras; no need to compensate for high pitch as the frequency response does it already

● Recording sound effects for radio, TV or film. Its indentation sound in the medium spectrum should be fully adapted and will leave place for voice dialogue

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