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WMS-5 at Hakuba hill ski jump stadium

‚óŹA relay audio broadcast at Hakuba hill ski jump stadium using the Sanken WMS-5 microphone in a 5ch discrete surround shoot mode.

The WMS-5 was set up at the top of the starting bench, which was used as the surround base sound.  The engineer recorded 5 channels of L, C, R, Ls and Rs signals.  The Center channel signal was also diverted to the L and R channels to reinforce the Center image.

The engineer of ACTECH, Japan who did the recording remarked, “I immediately had a very favorable impression of the sound quality.  I have never used a surround microphone before, and I don’t have sufficient experience in surround shooting, however I could perceive an open and airy atmosphere and an enveloping spatial sound image. My use of this microphone was very basic surround sound shooting, however it might be advisable to set it nearer to the sound source (a jumper) to create a more subjective surround image. The WMS-5 could have been easily used in this way.

“The microphone weight is quite light and the size is small. Numerous accessories are supplied, including a windjammer, making the entire microphone package suitable for outdoor sports program broadcasting.

“There was very fine weather on the shooting day, but there was very hard rain and strong winds during the rehearsal. As a result, I could not set up the microphone on the rehearsal day. An official jump training was scheduled, but it was also cancelled. On the day of the shooting, the humidity was very high, but the microphone worked perfectly and didn’t have any noise problems.

“In conclusion, I have a very good impression of the WMS-5, and it also has a quite reasonable price.”