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WMS-5 catches 5ch surround sound in the roar train, KOTODEN

The Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railroad, nicknamed “Kotoden” runs in Takamatsu, Shikoku Island Japan.
Just before retirement the grand train, was filmed in HD with 5.1 surround for Blu-Ray disk release from U. V. N Corporation .
Each train has a strong personality. Its motor is installed differently to today’s trains, It runs with a roaring sound which resounds deep inside the passenger’s abdomen. The driving sound makes old people nostalgic and is a new and sensual experience for the young.
It is now the sound of the past, reproduced here with the latest and best technology in order to retain a permanent record.
The Sanken WMS-5 microphone was instrumental in this surround sound recording,
Fujimori, a director of “Bakuon Tetsudou KOTODEN” (the roar train), gives his impression of the challenge that faced the recording.
“During the actual recording we questioned how to set the cameras and 5 microphones into the narrow driver’s space. The HD camera on tripod alone, would occupy considerable space. To impede the driver’s actions was unacceptable of course.
So, I decided to use the newly developed surround microphone, the WMS-5, designed and made by Sanken in conjunction with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) as it could be set in the narrow driver’s seat. I tested it before the start of the shoot.
Traditionally, for surround recording, we had to place 5 microphones and focus on the directionality and position of each. But in the case of WMS-5, I can record 5 ch with one microphone, and it is possible to mount it on a camera. It’s a great benefit as it’s easy to use and mobile . How impressive the results were! I could use the DTS-HD master audio format in mastering.
I imagine that the retired trains are very pleased with the quality of this blu-ray disk.
Overview of “Bakuon Tetsudou KOTODEN” (The roar train, KOTODEN)
Release Date : April 15, 2009
Driver’s seat perspective (5.1 surround) Kotoden Shiho Station to Kawaramachi Station
Shido Line stipple
Video Benefits 
1. Goodbye Model 30   Narration Rokurou Naya 
2. Kotoden image    photo by Masami Tsubouchi 
     Image -  On the day of retirement      KOTODEN - four seasons
Original release : U. V. N corporation     
PCXE-10001    Price JPY 4,700. (tax excluded)
58 mins/ 16:9/ MPEG4 AVC/ COLOR/ S & R