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Mechanism of WMS-5

‚óŹMechanism of WMS-5

Three capsules of Front Mid (Mf), Side (S), and Rear Mid (Mr) are arranged.
The outputs of five channels are obtained according to the following equations.

L = Mf + S
R = Mf – S
LS = Mr + S
RS = Mr – S
C = M

A line microphone is used for Front Mid (Mf).

The stereo angle of L-R and LS-RS is 120 degree.

Capsules for Mr and S are arranged on the same vertical axis.
The acoustic centre of the line microphone for Mf can be regarded as at a certain distance to the rear than at the actual point of the capsule.
All capsules are theoretically arranged on the same vertical axis.

The sound wave that reaches three capsules of Mr, S, and Mf doesn't have the time difference.

Therefore, the phaseshift doesn't happen even if Panning is done when this microphone is attached on a camcorder.
Moreover, when the down mix is done to 2ch, the impurity of the sound with dephasing is not generated because the capsule doesn't mutually have the time difference.

reference : AES Convention Paper 7104  122nd AES Vienna