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X-Y 2ch Stereo Microphone

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Spec/Include Accessories

Frequency Response/Polar Patter

Optional Accessories


Optional Accessories

You can search various accessories from this place.
Please push the button "Search" a trade name, a trade number after entry.

GS-180WS GS-180WS
Trade name GS-180WS 
Name SURROUND SET Cage, suspension, jammer for 2 CUW-180 
Use for 2 CUW-180 
GS-180W Comming Soon
Trade name GS-180W 
Name Suspension holder for 2 CUW-180 
Use for 2 CUW-180 
GS-180XY Comming Soon
Trade name GS-180XY 
Name CUW-180 1XY PACKAGE cage, jammer, suspension for 1 CUW-180 
Use for 1 CUW-180 
GS-180A Comming Soon
Trade name GS-180A 
Name Suspension holder for 1 CUW-180 
Use for 1 CUW-180 
HCH-180 Comming Soon
Trade name HCH-180 
Name Dual Holder (2 in one set) 
Use CS-1 
HG-1 Comming Soon
Trade name HG-1 
Name Handgrip part only 
Use CUW-180, WMS-5, CS-1e, CS-M1 
SC-532/*.** SC-532/*.**
Trade name SC-532/*.** 
Name XLR5F to 2 x XLR3M Y cable 
Use SC-532/0.3
TC-180 TC-180
Trade name TC-180 
Name Flight case for 2 CUW-180 Surround Set 
Use CUW-180 Surround Set 
WJ-180W Comming Soon
Trade name WJ-180W 
Name Fur jammer for WS-180W 
Use for 2 CUW-180, WMS-5 
WJ-180 Comming Soon
Trade name WJ-180 
Name Fur jammer for WS-180 
Use for 1 CUW-180 
WS-180 WS-180
Trade name WS-180 
Name Cage screen for 1 CUW-180 
Use for 1 CUW-180 
WS-180W WS-180W
Trade name WS-180W 
Name Cage screen for 2 CUW-180 
Use for 2 CUW-180, WMS-5 
SC-551/**.* SC-551/**.*
Trade name SC-551/**.* 
Name XLR5F to XLR5M cable 
Use SC-551/0.3