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Stereo (Wide/Normal) Mono Switchable Shotgun Microphone

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Wide Stereo, Stereo and Mono, Three Mode Operation Shotgun Microphone

World's First Stereo Shotgun ---- with Three Modes of Operation

・ MONO, Normal STEREO and Wide STEREO 3 MODE switchable
・ Superb rear rejection at 180 degrees even in low frequencies
・ MONO-STEREO compatibility. Mono and phantom center have the same sound characteristics

In the MONO mode, sharp directivity is maintained over a wide frequency range for the aimed frontal sound sources, using the combination of a second gradient microphone and a line microphone. It is significant that the CSS-5 picks up the chosen sound source very clearly even in a noisy ambient situation or in a long reverberation space.

In the NORMAL mode, the CSS-5 clearly picks up the targeted sound as well as extremely accurate stereo localization. STEREO angle is 120°.

The WIDE mode is designed for stereo recording of sound effects and environmental information where dialogue will be dubbed in at a later date. This mode allows a wider 140 degree stereo width.

Mono-Stereo Compatibility
In stereo recordings, the frequency response of the MONO summed output often exhibits interference, or comb filtering. This phenomenon is caused by phase differences between the Left and Right signals. This does not occur in single point recording

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