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COS-11D HWM-R-*1-*2

Headworn Microphone with wireless connector.
*1 : BE = beige, CC = cocoa
*2 : Lemo3pin = Lemo3p for [TRANTEC, ZAXCOM, SENNHEISER] , TA5FX = TA5F for [Lectrosonics] , RAMSA = Hirose4p for [RAMSA] , SONY = Hirose4p for [SONY]

COS-11D HWM-R-*1-*2
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Spec/Include Accessories

Frequency Response/Polar Patter

Optional Accessories


Very popular COS-11D's Headworn microphone

・ Same capsule as COS-11D.
・ Very stable both ears hands free microhone.
・ Two colors beige and cocoa.
・ Microphone position can be changed left and right.
・ Stainless,very strong for rust.