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2021/02/12 Academy Scientific and Technical Award
2020/07/13 Introduction of the new model CUX-100K
2019/05/13 Introduction of the new model CMS-50
2018/07/27 Renewed Range Brochure
2018/06/08 Introduction of new model CS-M1
2016/07/08 New model CSS-50 and CU-51 appeared at NAB2016
2015/06/18 NAB2015 in Las Vegas
2014/12/15 Chromatic series at AES2014 in Los Angels
2014/09/19 CSR-2 was appeared at IBC2014
2014/04/21 Introduction of the new model CSR-2 at NAB2014
2013/02/28 HWM for Musical scene
2012/10/28 CO-100K's review in USA and UK
2012/10/28 CU-55 was debuted at IBC 2012 and AES 2012
2012/06/19 Range Brochure renewed
2012/06/18 Mick Sawaguchi uses CU-55 for Live recording
2012/06/18 A new Music Recording microphone CU-55 launched
2012/04/10 Niel Heath at Hackenbacker really enjoyed to use CO-100K
2011/04/22 Headworn microphone has been introduced at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas
2011/02/10 Videoclip for comparison CS-2 and built in microphone uploaded
2010/08/31 Max Aguilera-Hellweg Lauds Targets Audio in Robotics Story
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